A founding father of American abstraction

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Discover The Exciting Works of Werner Drewes

Werner Drewes was a painter, printmaker, Atelier 17 Teacher, WPA Arts Manager, and considered to be one of the founding fathers of American abstraction. In his role as teacher as well as artist he was a driving force bringing the Bauhaus aesthetic to America. Werner Drewes continues to inspire us, even after his death.

Some notable achievements:

  • Founding member of the American Abstract Artist Group
  • Professor at Brooklyn College, Columbia U & Washington U
  • Featured Solo Artist of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

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Featured Artwork

RI150 Young Goldsmith RI150 Young Goldsmith

RIII408 City of Glass RIII408 City of Glass

RIII392 Halloween RIII392 Halloween

RIII371 Radiance RIII371 Radiance

RIII412 Reverie RIII412 Reverie

RI261 Self Portrait RI261 Self Portrait

RIII167 Man and Woman II RIII167 Man and Woman II

RII009 Wolfram RII009 Wolfram

RI266 Cornered II RI266 Cornered II

RI249 Conflict RI249 Conflict

RIII355 Surge of Power RIII355 Surge of Power

Interested in a lecture or show? The artist’s family is available for shows and lectures about Werner Drewes or in reference to the Bauhaus, American Abstraction, American Abstract Artists, WPA Artists, Atelier 17, or the Artist’s Congress. Please CONTACT US for details.



Marin Price May 2017 Show

Watercolors & Gouaches

Nude II

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It is a rare artist who can foster the discipline and work ethic, generate fresh creative ideas and continue to produce with the craftsmanship of a true master through a 65 year career, while still contributing to the abstract art culture, sustaining  teaching career, nurturing future artist and raising a family as Werner Drewes has done. Called the father of America Abstractism, he provided some of the first pure abstract pieces of art in this country after leaving censorship in Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s.



Papers, works of art, photos, letters & interviews by and about the artist are now available online to the public. Hard copies are also available for viewing upon appointment at the Archives of American Art, part of the Smithsonian Institute. LEARN MORE